Our services include web design, web development, web customization, web content update, website maintenance, technical and training support, and digital media marketing.

Web Design

We provide web design and web customization service to all business, which includes Corporate, SMEs, restaurant, cafe, medical center, dental clinic, bakery and many more.

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Online Store

We create online stores using WooCommerce with different payment gateways for various products. You can sell fashion apparel, footwear, cosmetics, gadgets, kids store, kitchenware and many more.

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Digital Media Marketing

We provide digital media advertising service to the targetted audience through social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube.

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SpeedUp Website

We test and benchmark your website using GTMetrix. Based on the recommendation, we optimize and speed up your WordPress website.

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Our Service Process

Below is our standard operation procedure for the project

  1. Discuss with the customer regarding the requirement and preference of the projects. Provide suggestion to the customer to meet their expectation.
  2. Provide quotation according to the customer’s requirement, preference, and expectation.
  3. Customer agrees on the quoted price and service agreement.
  4. Customer makes the initial payment of 50% of the entire project’s cost.
  5. Project starts. Customer sends the relevant contents and images.
  6. Discuss with customer regarding the progress and the outcome of the project. Revise the project according to the discussion.
  7. Customer agrees with the outcome of the project.
  8. Customer make the final payment of the entire project.
  9. Project goes live.