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If you have not visited our previous Page Speed Test for our favorite WordPress theme and Top 10 Best Sales Theme, you can have a read here:

This week, we are going to share the page speed test result for Top 9 Best Sales WooCommerce Theme on Themeforest, and another one theme is WooVina WooCommerce Theme.

If you want to know more about WooVina WooCommerce Theme, you can read the following articles or visit their official website.

How did we select the theme on Themeforest?

For the theme selection, we use the following filtering option to choose the Top 10 best sales theme on ThemeForest. The reason we did not use the Top Sellers for the Sales filtering option is we want to include the latest added theme for the speed test.

  • Category: WooCommerce
  • Tags: WooCommerce
  • Sales: High
  • Rating: 4 stars and higher
  • Date Added: In the last year
  • WordPress: WordPress 5.1.X

Let’s have a look for the 9 selected theme on ThemeForest and a WooVina child theme.











Table below shows the price for each theme and site URLs that we used in this test. The themes are in the range of USD $29-59. the hanger is the most expensive theme (USD $69), while WooVina is the most affordable theme (USD $29 only).

WP Theme NamesPrice (USD $)Site URLs
the hanger69

How did we test?

This time, the tests are quite straightforward. We run the test at 3 different websites, Pingdom, GTMetrix and also Google PageSpeed Insight.

We basically just copy and paste the demo sites URL into the website and run the test. For Pingdom, we tested them using the Asia-Japan-Tokyo server, while for GTMetrix, the test server was from Vancouver, Canada using Chrome (Desktop) version 62.0.3202.94 and PageSpeed 1.15-gt1.2. According to Google, the page speed was tested using Lighthouse, by simulating a page load on a mid-tier device (Moto G4) on a throttled mobile network. The settings for the throttled network are

  • Latency: 150ms
  • Throughput: 1.6Mbps down / 750 Kbps up.
  • Packet loss: none

These settings represent roughly the bottom 25% of 4G connections and top 25% of 3G connections.

Pingdom Test Result

Referring to the Pingdom test result, there are 7 out of 10 themes scored more than 80 points in the performance. WooVina theme scored the highest performance points of 90 with the loading time of 4.44 seconds. Kona, Barberry, and Supro. are close to 90, with the recorded performance points of 89. While, Nels, Chromium and the hanger were able to score more than 80 and above.

Although some of the demo sites’ size is quite small and lower than 2.0 MB, but we did not observe any loading test result that is lower than 3 seconds in this case. The fastest loaded site is Nels in this test, with 3.37 seconds.

WP Theme NamesPerformanceLoad time (sec)Size (MB)Request
the hanger815.491.448

GTMetrix and Lighthouse Test Results

In the GTMetrix test, there are 5 themes scored more than 80 in the performance test. Kona scored the highest performance points of 96, while Tonda scored the lowest performance points of 26.

The GTMetrix test results are not consistent with the Google PageSpeed Insight speed test rating. Some theme scored better in GTMetrix but scored lower in the Google PageSpeed Insight test, and the other way round.

Final Thought

Overall, if we try to get an average for the speed performance test for these themes, the Top 3 themes in the best speed performance test are the hanger, Barberry, and Kona.

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