We test and benchmark your website using GTMetrix. Based on the recommendation, we optimize and speed up your WordPress website.

Speed Matters

Making your website loads fast is not all about Google search ranking only. It is related to your customer’s experience and impression. A fast loading site may give the impression to the customer regarding the efficiency and professionalism of your services provided.

A fast loading site can have higher conversion rates and also lower bounce rates. Your customer will have a better browsing and shopping experience because they do not have to wait for a long time to get their information.

Speed test Tools

There are few common speed test tools for website out there. You can check on the following sites:

Below is the sample result in speeding up our website. Before the optimization, our website barely scored 62% with the fully loaded time of 5.6s. But after the optimization, there is a huge improvement. The PageSpeed score was boosted to 96% with the fully loaded time of 4.0s.

Please contact us if you are interest to speed up your website.