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What statistic and survey data tell us?

Based on the 3Q 2017 Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Survey in Malaysia, majority of the SMEs utilized computer or laptop (85%), smartphones or tablets (78%), and internet services (66%) in their daily business operation.  But, only about 30% of SMEs owned an official company website, while 28% of SMEs involved in the online business.  This number is totally lower compared to the United States, where 71% of SMEs have a company website.

Do I need a website for my business?

The world is changing fast due to the advancement of information technology.  According to the Individual and Household Survey Report, individual using the smartphone to access the internet in Malaysia increased to 98% in 2018.  Meaning to say that, out of 100 individual who owned the smartphone, 98 of them has access to the internet.  In fact, 80.4% of them use the smartphone to look for information on goods and services.  The consumer behavior is changing with the high penetration of the mobile phone and internet access.  Most consumers will do their research online, do the comparison before they make a purchase, even if they are trying to buy something for the local shop.

If you do not have a website, you are giving up the opportunity to reach your potential customers to that 30 % of SMEs who has one.

How can a website help my business?

A well-designed website with the latest information about regarding your company and products can help you to secure some customers, even when your shop is closed.  Because website runs 24 hours and never sleep.  Today, website is no longer a static page that filled up with information. 

Website can be a good marketing tool that promote your business and products.  You can use the contact forms, live chat function to communicate with your customers.  You can get the feedback, review or testimonials from the existing customers about your product and services.  Other than that, you can have a booking or reservation system if you are running restaurant, saloon, dental clinic, medical center, consultancy firms, or car rental services.

I already have Instagram and Facebook Page for my business. 
Why do I need to have a website?

Social Media platforms are good to engage with your customers.  But when we need to look for product knowledge and related information or user guides, a website is a more systematic way and easiest way to get them.  Putting all your business and product information on social media platform but not a website can be risky.  After all, people might get bored with one social media platform and move to another one.  So, what are you going to do with that? Moving all the product and business information from one social media platform to another one can waste your time.  Having a company website and have full control over it will be the best way to do.  Don’t you think so?

Still Thinking?

Thinking to build a website for your business, but still worry about the cost?  Worry no more, contact us for a free quote.  We will offer you an affordable and best plan for your company website.